Rev. 2.73

Prototype의 마지막 릴리즈를 포함하는 Scriptaculous 1.8.2 버전이 몇몇 버그를 수정하여 릴리즈 했습니다. 자세한 변동 내역은 아래의 CHANGELOG를 확인하세요. 그나저나 Thomas Fuchs씨의 2.0 프로젝트는 어찌되가고 있는 것일까요...


  • Update to Prototype
  • Make sure InPlaceEditor converts HTML entities to text. [Sean Kirby]
  • Fix that Builder.node did not return extended elements on IE. Closes #71 and #77.
  • Fix a bug in Sortable.destroy to make sure it's called on the referenced Sortable only, which allows for the correct intialization of nested Sortables. Closes Trac #8615. [Leon Chevalier]
  • Change Effect.Base#render not to use eval(), so certain JavaScript runtime environments (like Adobe AIR) that do not support eval() work. [King Maxemilian, John-David Dalton]
  • Fixed a calculation error in Effect.Transitions.pulse that could lead to flickering, add easing and change it to be a normal 0 to 1 transition that can be used with any effects; Effect.Pulsate now uses its own implementation. [Thomas Fuchs]
  • Fixed Effect.ScrollTo. Changeset 8686 had a typo, document.viewport.getScrollOffsets[0] is always undefined. Removed the max check as it is not a cross-browser way to get scroll height and breaks the effect. Depending on scrollTo to do the right thing. Closes #11306. [Nick Stakenburg]
  • Update version check so all Prototype versions can be required, not just x.x.x. Closes #10966. [Nick Stakenburg]
  • Using $$ in the loader instead of getElementsByTagName to prevent limitations. Closes #9032. [Nick Stakenburg]
  • Fix some missing semicolons. [jdalton]
  • Fix an issue with Effect.ScrollTo that caused Firefox to scroll to the wrong offset in some situations. Closes #10245. [nik.wakelin]
  • Fixes an issue with IE ghosting on non-absolute elements. Closes #10423. [Tanrikut, tdd]