Rev. 2.73

Prototype 1.6.0Scriptaculous 1.8.0의 정식판이 동시에 릴리즈되었습니다. Prototype은 사용성 개선을 위한 구조변형과 성능 최적화 그리고 버그수정이 이루어졌고, Scriptaculous 또한 성능향상 및 버그수정과 Effect 성능개선, Effect 추가되는 등의 변동사항이 있습니다. 주요한 특징들은 RC(출시 대기)버전을 소개하면서 알려졌던 내용들로 구성되어 있으며, 자세한 변동사항은 아래와 같습니다.

Prototype 1.6.0

  • Ajax transport objects are now automatically wrapped in an Ajax.Response object.
  • Ajax.Response includes support for accessing JSON response bodies as JavaScript objects via the responseJSON property.
  • The class API now includes full support for inheritance and superclass method calls. (See Mislav’s tutorial for more info.)
  • Class objects now have an addMethods method for adding instance methods after creation.
  • Elements can be created easily with the new Element(...) syntax.
  • Element#insert provides a unified API to DOM element and HTML fragment insertion.
  • Element#select is an alias for getElementsBySelector and is now the preferred way to find elements by class name.
  • Element#wrap lets you easily wrap an element inside another element in place.
  • Enumerable methods on Array are now backed by native Array#forEach implementations when possible.
  • Enumerable now has aliases for equivalent JavaScript 1.6 Array methods, and support for JavaScript 1.6’s context parameter for automatic callback binding.
  • Enumerable#grep now calls the match method on its first argument, so you can use it to e.g. filter an array of DOM nodes by CSS selector.
  • Event objects are now automatically extended with instance methods, so you can write e.g. event.stop() instead of Event.stop(event).
  • Prototype’s event API now supports firing DOM-based custom events with Element#fire.
  • The new dom:loaded custom event fires when the entire document has loaded and is ready for manipulation.
  • Function#curry allows for partial application of function arguments.
  • Function#wrap facilitates simple aspect-oriented programming and provides the basis for Prototype’s superclass method call mechanism.
  • Function#delay delays invocation of the function by the given number of seconds.
  • Function#defer schedules the function to run as soon as the interpreter is idle.
  • The Hash API has changed, and you must now use Hash#get and Hash#set instead of directly accessing properties on Hash instances.
  • String#interpolate is a shortcut for instantiating a Template from the string and calling evaluate on it.
  • Object properties can now be used in template replacement strings. 1.8.0

  • Prototype 1.6 final
  • Complete rewrite of Ajax.InPlaceEditor and Ajax.InPlaceCollectionEditor
  • Full CSS inheritance in Effect.Morph
  • New core effect: Effect.Tween
  • Sound: play mp3 files for sound effects; uses native playback on IE and available plugins whereever possible # Duration and distance options for Effect.Shake
  • Performance improvements
  • Tons of bugfixes