Rev. 2.73

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The Challenge
WDDG wanted to showcase their style, approach and way of thinking in an intense and unique way through full motion video. Developing a full motion video would enable the team to demonstrate their full range of broadcast capabilities as well as tell a story relevant to the company's primary focus on digital media.

The Solution
WDDG approached the video medium in Anamorph from the perspective of design and typography, not from a purist film perspective. Shot entirely on a Sony DV Cam, Anamorph was then edited in Adobe After Effects and enhanced utilizing a handful of graphic programs. Layer upon layer of the graphics were laid over the film, interrelating and affecting the underlying elements. The interaction between the captured footage, motion graphics and the music works in concert to create the overall mood. All stages of production for the Anamorph project, including filming, editing, music composition & recording, and the addition of graphics, were completed by in-house design staff, directors and musicians using the WDDG facilities.