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구매하고 싶은 충동이... 덴마크의 로젠달은 주방용품이나 만드는 회사인줄 알았는데, 시계도 만드는군요. 에서 발견 했습니다. 가격은 149,000 자세한 스팩은 아래를 참조하세요.

Focusing on time and eliminating all "distractions" are some of the ideas that have inspired Rosendahl's new series of timepieces. This thinking is exquisitely reflected in the digital wrist watchs which show the time and date - and only the time and date.
The wrist watch is available in two models with digital display - one with a black dial and pale-coloured numerals and one with a pale-coloured dial and black numerals. The digital wrist watch is easy to set.
The digital wrist watch is made of stainless steel and black polypropylene and is designed by Flemming Bo Hansen.


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