Rev. 2.73

참신하다고 해야 하나? 5가지 모듈을 통해 인체에 무리를 주지 않고, 속도 면에서 실험을 거친 최고의 키 배열이라고 한다. 가격은 Qwerty가 $110, Dvorak은 out of stock이군. 그나저나 기본 자판배열도 다른 것 같은데, 한글은 지원될까?


Small Size
● Smallest keyboard with full-sized keys and complete functionality
● Footprint – 12.75w"x5.5h"x.5d"
● Fits over notebook keypads without covering the touch pad
● Mouse close to the right hand
● Portable – fits easily in briefcase, notebook case, backpack
● Flat – sleek – lightweight

Intuitive Design
● Grid layout – easy to learn and easy on the fingers, hands, arms
● Logical, modular design
● Large Shift, Backspace, Enter keys
● Less reaching to frequently used keys and mouse
● Calculator-style Number Pad
● Tactile feedback on keys - ridges and bumps
● Color-coded for easy use
● PS/2 Connecter

Ergonomic Solutions
● Prevents typing injuries
● Reduces or eliminates existing typing symptoms
● 90% of users get complete or significant reduction of pain
● Switchable to Dvorak layout (50% less finger travel)
● Keyboard and typist centered on monitor
● Terrific design for programmers and power users

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