Rev. 2.73


파이어버그(firebug)에 기생(?)하는 YSlow가 몇몇 새로운 기능과 버그를 수정하여 0.9버전으로 업데이트 되었습니다. 파이어버그의 Net 패널과 더욱 긴밀하게 통합되어 DOM이 아닌 요소까지 탐지하고 iframe까지도 크롤하여 리소스를 분석한다고 합니다. 자세한 내용은 아래와 같습니다.
그나저나, Rule 14 - Make Ajax Cacheable항목이 추가되었다고 하는데, 왜 안보일까요?

Version 0.9.2

  • Detect non-DOM requests (XHRs, image beacons, etc.) by extracting from Net Panel.
  • Crawl frames and iframes to find components.
  • Highlight 4xx response codes in Components View.
  • Display thumbnails when hover over image URLs
  • Implement search within YSlow Firebug panel.
  • Add "doc" and "xhr" to the list of components to check for gzip compressions.
  • Bug fix: Improve detection of CSS expressions (ignore rules that contain the word "expression").
  • Bug fix: Change status bar colors to work with dark Firefox themes.
  • Bug fix: Do not penalize for DNS lookups if the hostname is already an IP address.
  • Bug fix: Don't include components with data:, javascript:, and chrome: protocols.
  • Bug fix: Better detection of JS minification for "/* */" style comments.
  • Bug fix: Display all unique filenames when more than one script file is included multiple times.


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